Sub: Fool proof, fully Finger print Attendance Systems and Software for Indian Ambient conditions and Work environments, Performing successfully in hundreds of major industries in India.
By this letter, we would like to apprise you, how “SAVIOR” fully finger print solutions are spearheading the computerized attendance recording management in the country. We give below the major blocks the industries were facing and how these have been solved. We also enclose herewith names of our major customers who are successfully using SAVIOR finger print solutions.

HUGE PROBLEMS being experienced by customers for smooth attendance recording. What all standard Readers, including the cheap imported Readers, can give What “SAVIOR” can offer and demonstrate at customer sites
1. Many enrolled fingers are rejected during shift change times, causing many employees to wait outside.
This happens daily. About 7 to 15% are rejected due to ill-formed finger prints or grease, oil, ink, dust, mehndi etc on the fingers. Punctuality and productivity suffer. Company pays even for standing out. “SAVIOR” Reader does not reject any enrolled finger on such silly grounds. Company saves more working hours and prevents rush and disturbance during shift changes
2. The queues move very slowly and attendance recording cuts into the actual working times.
This happens always as such readers can record only 7 to 12 employees maximum in one minute. Queues become longer or buy more readers. “SAVIOR” Reader can record 25 to 30 employees in one minute. Queues move faster. Number of Readers required is less.
3. For companies using Smart Cards or Finger print plus smart cards (because their finger print readers experience the draw backs listed above), lot of proxy punching takes place..
Proxy punching is a serious issue (1) Actual head count and recorded figure never match. (2) Security problem due to unauthorized persons inside, (3) Free Salary goes to extra, unauthorized persons also. “SAVIOR” fully finger print solutions successfully operate in thousand of factories, offices etc all over India. No Proxy Punching at all. Saves money on cards – prevents proxy punching
4. It takes several days to get support. Support is inadequate – not solving the issues.
Support persons have to come from distant places. They are agents, dealers or franchisees not having the technical competence. “SAVIOR” does not entrust the work of installation, support and AMC to any third party. Only own engineers stationed at 38 locations in India handle promptly.
5. Any Software or Hardware upgradation or customization is not possible. Difficult to find solutions for complex problems.
Very often the dealers supply Readers. Software etc come from different sources. Integrations become difficult. All suppliers will not share the data. Hardware modifications are impossible as they do not have know-how. “SAVIOR” designs, develops, manufactures all hardware or software themselves. Hence up gradations to higher models / versions or modifications in S/W or H/W are possible. No external dependency.
Some important tips to potential buyers to get the right product for them: CHECK and VERIFY ?
Do your preferred or lowest bidder manufacture the Readers in India? Or importing as a whole, or in SKD or CKD condition and assemble? Are they having manufacturing license?
Who will support you ? They or a dealer? How distant is the nearest location for support?
Do they have a few satisfied customers in your type industry (e.g. may be Chemical, infrastructure, open sites, tyre industry? Carbon black company, coal mines, Cement industry, Pharmaceutical? etc. outside remote locations, etc.?
Can they name a few satisfied customers having same number of employees as you have, in a similar industry as you are in, in a single location? 1000, 2500, 4000 , 5000, 7000 etc or more ?
Can they name few happy customers, having same number employees’ strength as you have, in your own town? Or within 30 KM radius for your visits and verification?
Are they ready for a ‘Challenge Demo’ with us in your presence, in your plant and under your supervision on the 5 issues listed above?
The answers will help you in choosing the right product for your type of ambient conditions, work culture etc.
We under promise and over deliver. That has been our culture for over three decades. We are an ISO certified CRISIL rated company.

Perhaps, you want more information. OR You want our application engineer to meet you. OR you want an online demo. Please feel free to contact us.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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