Access Control


SAVIOR offers a Hardware and Software based solution for Access Control to Secure Zones like •   Server rooms
•   Storage Area
•   Danger Zones
•   Labs
•   Examination rooms
•   Office premises
•   Any other
This eliminates the conventional way of using locks with keys. So no loss of key or no chance of keys getting into some wrong hands.
SAVIOR Access Control readers are connected to EM Locks. When a valid transaction is recorded by the reader, the EM Lock opens and the person can get inside or come out.
SAVIOR Readers (Smart card / Fingerprint / Biometric based) are installed at various entry / exit points where secure access is needed.
Data can be uploaded to the SAVIOR Access Control readers to make the readers identify the right person to give access to.
•   Compatible with all SAVIOR Smart Card + Biometric / Biometric based readers.
•   Allow access to only authorised person.
•   Desktop and Web based solutions.
•   Supports manual exit switch.
•   Mix and match of SAVIOR readers can be done.
•   Access allowed for specific date and time period.
•   Tracking of unsuccessful attempt to open the door.
•   Anti Pass back
•   Various access reports to view