SAVIOR Time and Attendace System (Windows and Web-based) works in combination of various SAVIOR Attendance and Access control readers.

•   SAVIOR Readers (Smartcard / Fingerprint / Biometric based) are installed at various entry /exit points where employees can mark their attendance.
•   The SAVIOR T and A application is installed at the user PC / central server which uses theattendance data recorded by the SAVIOR readers and generates various reports which gives aboost to the HR team.
•   Compatible with all SAVIOR Smart Card + Biometric / Biometric based readers.
•   Supports multi user task group.
•   Desktop and Web based solutions available.
•   Company wise corporate policy.
•   Different level of users for different level of tasks.
•   More than 60 valuable reports to view.
•   Includes commonly required statutory reports like Muster Roll, From 25 and 26,
•   Form14 etc.
•   Strong leave management.
•   Online Leave request and approval.
•   Automatic email to the approval authority for leave request.