Finger Print Readers


    Are you :
  • Busy with work and do not have time to track whether your employees are in time ?

  • Losing business because the staff is never on time ?

  • No track of Attendance in a professional manner ?

  • Manual Attendance Register with employees always writing the wrong time ?

  • No space to place an Attendance system ?

  • Cannot give ID cards ?

    SAVIOR model FR200 has the SOLUTION for YOU .....
  • An ideal Fingerprint Attendance solution for small establishment.
  • Employees finger is enrolled with FR200 connected to the Computer.

  • FR200 is disconnected from computer, when not required to be on Enrollment or Data transfer mode. FR200 is powered by a Wall mounted USB power adapter.

  • Employees marks his attendance by placing his finger on the FR200 and if the FR200 has the employee's finger print templates, it identifies the person by announcing the time of registration through the speaker.

  • In case the person cannot be identified because of any reason, it would inform ‘ No MATCH, INVALID FINGER ’.

  • SAVIOR My Attendance Software picks the information from FR 200, whenever data transfer is done, to make various
  • Time Office Reports.
  • Computer need not be logged on, when Attendance is marked.